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Lastly, check the inseam length to verify a correct fit. Brittany — The calculator provides a general guideline and should not be taken as a definite indicator of your overall health or physique.

Compare your measurements to a sizing chart. For example, a woman with a inch waist and inch hips would likely be a
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Dec 20,  · You do know these measurements are at your natural waistline, sometimes an inch or two below depending on the designer, right? Size 28 is about a Resolved.
I’m 5’″ weigh pounds and have a 31 inch waist with my chest and hips being 10 inches bigger than my waist. This calculator said I was “slender and healthy”.
Every manufacturer is different, so it is recommended to review the size charts that refer to specific retailers before purchasing clothing. For example, the size charts provided by J Crew and Levi's both list a inch waist as a size 10, whereas Gap considers a size 10 to be a inch waist and a size 12 to be a inch waist.


Every manufacturer is different, so it is recommended to review the size charts that refer to specific retailers before purchasing clothing. For example, the size charts provided by J Crew and Levi's both list a inch waist as a size 10, whereas Gap considers a size 10 to be a inch waist and a size 12 to be a inch waist.

I was overindulged at Christmas stuffing myself silly and I gained most of the weight but also noticed a few pounds creeping on before then. My belly was spilling over the waistband and I had to lift up my belly to see my belt.

Do you have any weight loss advice to help me? I recommend reviewing our weight loss success stories for great insight into what to eat and how to train to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Hi Olivia — This calculator just provides a general calculation. Hi Lili — This depends on your several factors like your height and weight. Some people are naturally very slim due to their genetics and metabolism. My stomach protrudes a little bit, but this calculator says I am slender and healthy.

So, if you have a tummy like mine, it is considered healthy or not? Hi Ash — Our calculator only provides a general measurement and assessment. If you have excess fat in your stomach then you should get your body fat measured by a professional. This way you can get an accurate reading and make the changes necessary to lower your body fat levels in order to get a slimmer stomach. Hi Saqlain — Our calculator is used for a general reference guide. You should be able to enter your information to get the results.

The most accurate measure will be through a fitness professional. Two people with the same stats may be drastically different in terms of body fat and lean muscle mass. Is my waist too large for this many activities and could it have something to do with my diet? Hi Jaelyn — You probably should be more concerned with your performance on the field and your level of body fat. This will be a great indicator if you need to lose fat or not. I was horrified to be told my current weight!

Hi Bunnydaft — The calculator only provides a general analysis of your current physique and health status. The formula for the calculator is based on average figures for this type of waist-to-height calculation. One of the simplest ways is by taking photos of yourself in a bathing suit each week and tracking your progress. Forget the numbers on the scale. The mirror test will tell you much more. Look into a mirror with your clothes off and look at the level of body fat around your stomach, hips and thighs.

Just try your best to keep it simple. Ii find this height to waist calculator and results pretty accurate for the average person. Of course results will vary depending of factors like if you have a muscular body, etc. Experts say your ideal waist size should be no more than half your height in inches. If greater, you need to lose some belly fat. If less, either stay the same or lose some belly fat depending on how you want to look.

I prefer when people have a little bit of weight on them but are by no means fat or overweight. I classify this as neither fat or skinny, but just right.

I first put in my smallest waist size from when I was starving myself and weighed 95 lbs. At age 18 I was 5 feet tall and 95 lbs with a 26 inch waist. Then I put in my current waist size which is 33 inches. Even at my thinnest I had no real waist definition.

You may want to visit your local gym and have a certified personal trainer take your body fat percentage and other body measurements to determine your current level of fitness and overall physique.

Hi Ailen — Your own body image and the perception of how your physique looks is within your own control. I weigh pounds. Knowing how much weight I need to lose will give me the incentive I need. I know there are multiple factors in waist size vs.

Some hold weight in their stomachs so even if they lose 50 pounds, they might still hold fat on their abs and their waistlines might only decrease slightly although the rest of their body looks much leaner.

Other people hold weight in their thighs and butt which causes issues when trying to drop pounds and inches. I am 5 foot 2 inches and weigh pounds. I have a waist size of about 24cm, but I am short so I feel obese. I am confused because this calculator says I am abnormally slim! You can use 5 different body fat calculators or anything else that measures your body stats and get different results.

The point is there is no need to stress out over this waist to height ratio calculator. Get your body fat checked out by a professional to really know what it is or do it yourself. I find this calculator fairly accurate.

I did put some muscle on which is more dense than fat plus it increased my body weight. Most calculators on other websites tell me that I am overweight.

I find this calculator to be off. It underestimates how fat people are. I am a 6 feet 4 inch tall guy and even with my waist being 40 inches, this calculator tells me I am at a healthy and normal weight. My waist is currently around 37 inches which I feel is just right. I am neither fat nor skinny, but normal. When my waist was larger and I was fatter, it was around inches and I felt fat.

Hi Kurt — Thanks for your feedback. If we receive the information from more than one eBayer, we will add it to our guide. Jean sizing varies by designer. It is recommended you also review measurements.

Waist and hip measurements can vary, in the same size jeans, based on where the pants sit. To compare a pair of pants on eBay to a pair you own, match the rise first. When you find a pair you own with the matching rise measurement, then compare the hip and waist measurements to see if the fit is the same. Waist to height ratio. Waist to height ratio is a simple measurement for assessment of lifestyle risk and overweight.

Compared to just measuring waist circumference, waist to height ratio is equally fair for short and tall persons. This calculator is valid for children and adults. I am cm tall and 44 inches waist is that fat? Am I okay that way. I want to slim down.

I'm and the calculator is only for and up.


Jeans sold by Waist size usually stop at 32 which is approximately a Juniors size Please be aware of manufacturers' differences in sizing and the waist measurement variance based . Waist: Measure circumference at the narrowest part. Hips: Measure at the fullest point, standing with feet together. Hats: Measure around the largest part of the head. A inch waist size is small. Any size between 29 and 31 is considered small, with 32 to 34 being medium and 36 to 38 being large. Anything from 40 to 42 is XL, and anything above 44 is XXL.